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The year has sped by so fast, it’s hard to believe that autumn is here, let alone that winter is just around the corner!  Both are beautiful seasons for visitors to the Lakes, but it pays to make sure your cottage or property is as snug as it can be to welcome your winter guests.

 Here’s our checklist to help you:


We suggest having an inventory of what is in your property, and reviewing this once a year, so guests have everything they could possibly need (a good way of reducing complaints).  Also ensure you are keeping up with trends, such as music streaming systems and the latest in coffee machines.

Paint or re-decoration:

Your property may well need some TLC after a busy year, so step back and see what needs some touching-up of paint, or perhaps a room needs total renovation.

Linen & towels:

Your bedlinen has a limited shelf life with the number of washes and changes in a year. Check it’s not looking thin or grey and update it with fresh new linen when you can. This is a definite crowd-pleaser having lovely linen, cushions and towels!


By law you are required to have your gas appliances checked every 10-12 months, if these aren’t up to date, then it can be illegal to let the property.

During the winter months make sure the house is warm on arrival and the heating in good working order.  Regular yearly maintenance of your systems should help reduce the chances of a breakdown.

Why not diary a date in the quieter months, or even in the summer to get your systems checked so that they are ready for winter when they are needed the most and are ready for the year ahead.

Leave the heating on a timer:

for when guests arrive, or purchase a smart meter, which allows you to control the heating remotely. Guests arriving to a snug house is a great way to start a holiday, especially on a cold, winters evening!  Consider keeping the heating on a constant low temperature to ensure the house stays warm even when empty, and this can reduce the risk of pipes freezing and damp forming in the property.


If your cottage has a real fire or wood-burning stove,  we’d suggest getting the chimney swept in the summer when its not needed.  It’s always nice to leave the first bag of fuel or wood, and information about where to buy more.

Keeping an eye on the property

Regular checks of the property will help to spot a burst pipe or a missing roof tile or other urgent work to be done.

Why not ask one of your neighbours or a family friend to check up on the property now and then and let you know if anything needs doing.

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