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Relaxation Through Yoga

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about what you learn on the way down”. The ancient practice of yoga has been enjoyed for centuries as a way of connecting our physical and spiritual wellbeing.  The benefits are enormous, from relieving muscular and joint pains to bringing calm to busy minds. 

Yoga requires zero equipment, not even trainers and can be discovered absolutely anywhere.  Practice regularly enough and you’ll find yourself moving through asana’s (postures), whilst soaking up some sun in your garden or on the floor whilst the kids watch TV. The idea is to practice daily to breathe away tension, loosen stiff joints and relax the mind and body. 

How To Practise Yoga at Home 

Simply find a bit of floorspace, carpeted or with a mat and that is large enough to lie on, and grab a mobile or laptop. Yoga is actually best enjoyed on your own, with as little noise and distraction as possible, making it even more perfect for practicing at home. If you feel like you would like some company, perhaps look up a relaxing playlist to accompany your yoga practice. 

Perhaps you’d like to get a family member or housemate to join in, just like local yoga practitioners Madeleine and Harry from Bowness-based yoga company Stride & Edge. The flexible duo are currently bringing their regular yoga classes to their client’s homes with their teaching slots now available live online. Tune in on their Instagram page for live sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am.

Or head over to their YouTube channel to enjoy the classes at your own pace and perhaps to revisit them to perfect your pranayama techniques (breathing).


For many, yoga is an end of the day practice for throwing off the stress and strain of the day and detoxing any tension held in joints as well as in the mind! This is so vital if you’re working at home on a computer or laptop, where those poor hips and the back store up tension. And ending the day with a ‘power-down’ release routine will feel so good, believe us! Make a 15-minute unwind yoga session part of your end of work routine and you will be more likely to reach for a cup of herbal tea rather than the gin or wine too! 

Get Your Sweat On

Not only is yoga relaxing and calming, many are surprised to discover that it is also an awesome workout that will have sweat dripping from your nose if you choose the right routine. A particularly great area to hit with some focused yoga are the legs, which after a 45-minute intensive flow will really feel the burn. If you’re still managing to get out for a run or bike ride, yoga is a great addition to extend your workout when back indoors.

Sunrise Energise 

Some yogi’s use power yoga routines to energise at the start of the day. The Surya Namaskar or sunrise salutation is a well-known routine that today is made up of 12 simple poses that flow together.

Very rarely in day-to-day life do we raise our arms above our head and this morning yoga routine does this as well as waking the back, legs, hips, and shoulders up!

Again, just a short 20-minute morning yoga habit, combining purposeful deep breathing with stretching the body is all that is needed to flood the body with energy-giving oxygen. Have your bottle of water with you to wake your inner body up too as well as kick-start a positive water-drinking habit for the day. Win-win.   

Whether you’d like to release that niggly pain or simply want some time to yourself or to bring the family together, yoga is the ideal calming practice for peace and relaxation and there are lots of different routines to choose from.