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Cumbria Crystal Experiences

If you looking to do something slightly different when visiting the Lake District, then look no further than Cumbria Crystal in Ulverston.

Cumbria Crystal is the last producer of hand-blown and hand-cut luxury English crystal in the UK.

All their experiences are carried out by a highly skilled professional glass maker who will guide you through your chosen experience step-by-step.

Your safety is our paramount concern, so you will enjoy extremely close supervision & tuition.

Once completed your crystal is put into an annealing oven to cool overnight.

You will be advised when it will be available to collect.

We are happy to arrange postage if it is not feasible to collect.

Here are the experiences you can book on while you are staying with Heart of the Lakes;

Coloured baubles

Create your own Coloured Baubles with a truly unique glass blowing experience.

Time – 15 minutes per person

Age & Cost – 8 to 12 years £20pp, 13+ £25pp


You will be shown how to use a variety of glass-makers’ tools to create unique patterns and colour.

Time – 30 minutes   Age - 13+   Cost  - £45pp

Blow your own tumbler

Learn how to gather molten glass from the furnace and shape it in a blown glass tumbler.

Time – 3 hours   Age - 16+   Cost – 310pp

Introduction to glass blowing

Ideal for a couple or small group. Learn how to gather liquid glass from the 1200c furnace.

Time – 3 hours

Age – 16+

Price £155pp

Diamond wheel glass cutting workshop

Intensive one-day introduction to this traditional craft

Time – Full Day

Age – 14+

Price £140pp

Creative sandblasting workshop

Intensive one-day introduction to the prosses of creative sandblasting

Time – Full Day   Age -12+   Price - £79pp

To book a date for one of the experiences please visit or call 01229 584 400

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