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Dominic Jackson

Born and raised in the Lake District, so a true local boy, until the age of 8, when he moved to the Middle-East for two years, here he discovered his natural talent and love for sailing. After returning to the UK and and attending a local school with a very active water sports centre, he continued with his love for sailing and qualified as a Professional Yacht Master having spent 4 months sailing up and down the West coast of Scotland. 

Dominic is the third generation in the family business and following his fathers footsteps, first joining Heart of the Lakes, in January 2017. He took a brief spell to do a short boat delivery from San Francisco to Turks & Caicos via the Panama Canal. 
Plenty of Sun and Sea later, Dom has returned as full time member of the team, learning all aspects of the business but primarily working as part of the marketing dept. 

Likes – Driving, Computers, Photography and Sailing.

When we gave Dominic the choice to pick his favourite things, he answered:

Dog or Cat
Cake or Pie
Lake District or Peak District 
Red or Blue
Coffee or Tea
City or Countryside 
Winter or Summer 
Ocean or Mountains