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Despite Storm Desmond flooding thousands of people out of homes in Cumbria, the county is very much on a road to recovery.

Cumbria still open for business

Although parts of Cumbria have been devastated by the floods, the Lake District and Cumbria in general is still operating as normal. Windermere has been virtually unaffected by the storm and many Keswick holiday cottages and businesses are operating as normal too.

Here at Heart of the Lakes we have ensured guests’ safety by arranging extra nights in available properties, have helped clear flood water and debris, and members of our staff have even given piggy backs to stranded walkers!

As we’ve announced on the Heart of the Lakes Facebook page, “It does not matter if you are not staying with us on holiday. The whole area is very much open for business so please do not let this incident put you off visiting and coming and supporting local businesses that have been affected.”

The recovery effort and what you can do to help

The recovery effort has seen the Cumbria Community Foundation launch an appeal to help raise £1 million for people across the county that have been affected by the floods. The foundation has donated a staggering £50,000 from its own funds to start the process off.

If you want to help flood victims in Cumbria, then you can donate by visiting the Cumbria Community Foundation Just Giving page.

The government has also announced that thousands of households and businesses will get tax relief as a result of being affected by the floods with the Environment Agency estimating around 5,200 people will be eligible for the tax relief scheme.

Impact Furniture Services has also revealed that they will be accepting donations of goods or food and will distribute these donations across Cumbria to help those who have been affected by the floods.

Cumbria flooding

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