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Discover independent food producers in Hawkshead – A trip to Hawkshead wouldn’t be complete without sampling on of the gastronomic delights to be found amongst the charming cobbled streets of the Lakeland village. Run my wife and husband team Maria and Mark Whitehead, the Hawkshead Relish Company is a success story for the area and one of the UK’s best-known producers of award winning preserves. With a the range of more than 120 relishes, pickles and preserves are handmade in small batches using traditional open pans and locally sourced ingredients.

The Hawkshead Relish Company was founded following the foot & mouth epidemic when Mark and Maria found their cafe devoid of customers and their livelihood threatened. They looked to their skills and passions creating a small range of high quality handmade Relishes, Pickles and Preserves taking them to local shops. Within a few years they had won many awards and the cafe was closed to make space for production, which today is housed in lovely 16th century barn overlooking Esthwaite water just a mile from Hawkshead Village.

Mark and Maria Whitehead Hawkshead Relish

The Lake District is known for its regional speciality food as much as for the poet William Wordsworth and children’s writer Beatrix Potter, who both must have been familiar with the recipes influenced by the 16th century Caribbean Trading ships which docked on Cumbria’s west coast bringing spices, rum and exotic fruits. It is these ingredients that inform the delicious Westmorland Chutney which bursts with flavour, as does Rum Butter, much preferred in the North to it southern counterpart Brandy Butter.

Hawkshead Relish also use rare indigenous crops such as Lyth Valley Damsons, used in sweet as well as savoury preserves, harvested from small Lakeland farmsteads in south Cumbria. Furthermore, they are all free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

The proud winner of no fewer than 50 ‘Great Taste Awards’, the Hawkshead Relish Company has become known for quality and excellence. The original production premises have since become the company’s shop, where its staff encourage customers to sample the award-winning range. With bespoke hampers and gifts available, a Hawkshead Relish preserve will be the perfect personal souvenir to savour.

Hawkshead Relish Company

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Video introducing Hawkshead Relish

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